The Bridge

I want to share this beautiful poem with you that I have cherished for many years. I hope you love it too. The Bridge I stood on the bridge at midnight, As the clocks were striking the hour, And the moon rose o'er the city, Behind the dark church-tower. I saw her bright reflection In … Continue reading The Bridge

Pug shoes!

I was browsing the Mod Cloth sale section on their website when I saw these absolutely adorable shoes!! (Here's the website they're under: modcloth) I think I may actually make these shoes, if I do I'll post about it to keep you updated! Do you love pugs too?? ❤ Let me know what you think!


Hey there! Here's what I wore, following some inspiration from Forever 21's website. Whenever I get stuck on what to wear, I turn to Pinterest, free people, anthro, and forever 21 websites to find what to put together and it usually always works! It's super beneficial to find a style inspiration to follow, that way … Continue reading OOTD


Hello all! It's starting to feel like autumn now, and I can finally start wearing boots and scarves! I didn't wear boots with this one, although it would be a great substitute. I wore a long light gray sweater that was once my mom's, a gray dress from target (can you tell I shop there … Continue reading OOTD

I’m a Summer, more specifically, Soft Summer!

Otherwise known as SSu, or soft summer, or summer-autumn. Don't know what I'm talking about? I'm talking about Seasonal Color Analysis! You can be one of four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn, and within each season there are subcategories. For Winter, you have cool undertones, meaning you have blue/pink undertones and look good in … Continue reading I’m a Summer, more specifically, Soft Summer!


Glowing Color Analysis–I’ve been analyzed!

Glowing Color

Today, Glowing Color features Ali.

About Ali: “My name is Ali, I’m 21 years old, a college student living in San Diego. I discovered color analysis at the beginning of high school and have been struggling ever since trying I discover what season I am. I’ve jumped around all of them, never being able to come to a complete answer. I’ve dyed my hair since I was in middle school, so that may have lead to a lot of confusion for me. I started out super pale blonde as a child, which darkened to a medium brown and eventually dark brown with a red tinge to it. My hair has been every color of the rainbow, blonde and orange-red being the worst on me! I love fashion and books, candles and pug dogs. Follow me on Pinterest @Alexzandra Lansing!”

Ali’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? 


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