I’m a Type 1!

Sooooooo I got to have a small chat with Carol Tuttle on her Facebook page, and I opened up to her about my frustration with not figuring out which type I am, thinking I have been each one at certain points in my DYT experience, and not seeing myself fully as one type more than another. Lo and behold, she responded!

She told me that what I was experiencing was typical for a type 1 woman, “jumping” from type to type as soon as we see something new in ourselves that makes us think, “well maybe I am this type because my eyes do this”, or “maybe I’m this type because I like to relax a lot and am lazy”. Whatever the excuse may be, I was doing exactly that! I had gotten so lost in going back and forth and seeing something new in myself that would make me change my mind.

I work in sales, so when I had days when I was more anti-social and not wanting to talk to anyone, I would think I’m definitely more introverted and that meant I was in no way a type 1 or 3 since they are deemed more “extroverted”. I would get stuck and try to look back at my facial features since I knew that was the most telling about which type I was, but I would focus on certain features instead of the overall expression. It seemed as if I needed a fresh perspective to see something I wasn’t!

So, I joined the Guess My Type Facebook group and posted a variety of pictures of me, smiling and not smiling. Most of the feedback I got were that people saw type 1 with a secondary 4, or a secondary 2. I was surprised, because I hadn’t even considered type 1 in my face. I saw lots of type 2, because that’s what I had programmed myself to see. I had been dressing as a type 2 for about a year, and never felt that it connected with me but thought that it was the closest to how I saw myself so there wasn’t another option!

Then, in my dismay, I talked to Carol. She pointed out how my facial features were beautifully expressing type 1 movement and how that was the most important factor in determining your type. I was amazed! But, as soon as it was pointed out to me, I saw it. I saw the circles and star points that I previously glanced over. It was as if the blinders were pulled off of my eyes! Then I remembered my childhood, and how I naturally expressed the type 1 “dreamer girl” and was attracted to type 1 colors and designs. I remembered how I would play dress up and change my character every day, one day a princess and the next a cowboy. I remembered all the backlash I received as a child about who I was, and how that caused me to bury parts of myself, beyond my own control. And I remembered how I wanted to be someone else, and how in 6th grade I made a point of deciding that I was going to be someone else, and ever since then, I’ve been living in my secondary energy and was blind to who I really was.

Revolutionary! I had continually compromised myself for others, to make them happy, and lost myself in the process. This has all helped me realize how important it is to stay true to yourself, and to love yourself despite what anyone else says.

So, long story short, I’m a type 1! And I couldn’t be more excited to dive into this possibility.



My first Type 1 purchase, round shiny gold earrings and a sunlight yellow dress with round designs, both from Forever 21! (I used to never wear gold, or yellow!)

Thanks for reading! Share with me your DYT experience!

~Alexzandra CIC


OOTD: Summertime in White

What better day to wear my breezy white lace dress than in this summer heat?

White lace dress, navy booties, LV

I paired this lace Hollister dress with my navy booties from Justfab, a site that I absolutely adore, and my Louis Vuitton handbag. I felt so chic beating the summer heat in this outfit that I had to share it with you!

I love pairing dresses with booties and will do it any chance I get! If you haven’t given it a try, I highly encourage you to try it out. Trying new combinations and mixing and matching items is an easy way to escape a fashion rut and expand your options.

I’m also wearing a terracotta Taurus choker that I made myself! I put a drop of Jasmine oil and it smells amazing! I will create a post soon about how to make them.

I hope you enjoy this look just as much as I did!

White lace dress

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I was feeling as bright and colorful as the beautiful summer weather today. I’m attracted to color blocking so I tried to work that into my outfit. Add some beige platforms and viola, a cute chic summer outfit!

These platforms I purchased on sale at Forever 21 about a month ago. The hot pink tanktop was actually a skintight dress that ended up being too short for my long legs, so I cut it into a top. The green skirt I got about a year ago, also at Forever 21. I added some gold necklaces to match the summer sun and add a nice metallic shine.

I love this silhouette photograph, but you can also still see the outfit!

I love this silhouette photograph, but you can also see the outfit!

Close up.

Close up.

If you have some bold colors, try putting them together in a mix-and-match ensemble. It’s a perfect trend for the summer! I like simple silhouettes with striking colors but work with what looks good on your body type. Before writing this post, I got lots of compliments on this outfit, and I want you readers to know it’s super simple and something anyone could put together!

So go out there and enjoy the summer sun in those bright clothes!


I got this new London Fog white purse from Stein Mart (they have amazing deals on designer products!) and I have fallen in love! If purses could be soulmates, this is it. I struggled between which color to get–black, brown, white, or burgundy. It’s important to consider your style, shoes, and outfits so that they coordinate well.

I eventually went with the white because I usually have black or bold colored shoes and wanted my purse to be a neutral and I own practically zero brown. I loved the burgundy as well, but the gold accents just clashed with me. The black also had gold accents, unfortunately.

In regards to my outfit, I was feeling a little adventurous, pairing red with my black and white basic neutrals. My inspiration came from my favorite fashionista, Gwen Stefani! I wish I could own every outfit she has ever worn.

Rico, my sister’s schipperke-pug, joined in the shot!

Red coat, white and black top with silver metallic beading, black skinny pants, red BCBG stilettos, and white London Fog purse.

Red coat, white and black top with silver metallic beading, black skinny pants, red BCBG stilettos, and white London Fog purse.

A fun action shot!

A fun action shot!

On a side note, today was my oldest sister’s baby shower, the first of us eight kids to get pregnant! Congratz Burg!

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Rainy OOTD

Hardly ever does it rain here in sunny San Diego, but today’s weather is a nice change of pace! That means I get to wear my biker leather jacket, warm tights, and clear rainy boots!

I’m absolutely in love with these boots. My parents got them for me while visiting London and I wear them whenever I get the chance. I can wear them with fun socks that I want to be seen, not hidden. Today it’s golden kittens on black socks.

I also love carrying fun umbrellas whenever the weather permits! I grabbed my baby pink one which matches the pink flowers in my dress and brings them out more. 

Pairing flirty floral dresses with leather jackets is such a fun juxtaposition and  creates an element of femininity and edginess—which I’m all about! Plus, there’s no reason to put away those beautiful summer dresses in the cold weather! Simply combine them with tights, sweaters, jackets, scarves, and boots to add some warmth and still look cute.

Enjoy the rain~UmbrellaStorm cloud


FullSizeRender (3)

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Hey there!

Things you will notice about my outfits: I love jeans, wear them all the time. I like a casual look whenever I can!

I decided to go for a semi-nice casual look, with good fitting jeans from American Eagle, which are quite long on my legs if I don’t wear heels with them, so I added clog heels that were a hand-me-down from my mom (yes, we’re both a size 9–and it’s amazing!). For tops, I just picked out a simple white tank from Goodwill with a cute dark navy blue knitted vest to go on top (from Foreign Exchange).

Being a pear body shape (my bust 32″ waist a 25″ and my hips 37″) according to my body measurements, this outfit compliments my curves! That’s always a plus!

I highly recommend learning what body type you have; there are plenty of resources and quizzes out there online that can tell you how to measure yourself AND give you great tips, such as clothing, makeup, personality, and hairstyles.
If you need help leave a comment and I can direct you where to go!

Thanks for reading, have a great casual day!



Hey there!

Here’s what I wore, following some inspiration from Forever 21’s website. Whenever I get stuck on what to wear, I turn to Pinterest, free people, anthro, and forever 21 websites to find what to put together and it usually always works! It’s super beneficial to find a style inspiration to follow, that way you can learn how to mix and match some pieces you may already own in interesting combinations that probably never would’ve crossed your mind without it. Helpful tips!

Anyway, I picked this gray dress from forever 21, this green plaid from target, my gray stockings from target many years ago (I absolutely love these, goes with everything!), and white converse high tops. This has a very skater-chic street casual feel to it, being that it is a skater dress. The plaid with converse adds a casual grunge look.


The colors of course are picked from the summer seasonal color analysis palette since I’m a summer!

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Have a casual chic day 😉


Hello all! It’s starting to feel like autumn now, and I can finally start wearing boots and scarves!

I didn’t wear boots with this one, although it would be a great substitute. I wore a long light gray sweater that was once my mom’s, a gray dress from target (can you tell I shop there a lot?), a green and white chevron scarf from a boutique in Encinitas, and brown leather shoes from Old Navy.

Cozy and cute!


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Outfit of the day (OOTD)


Okay, so I know it’s a bit blurry, sorry ’bout that!

I put together this outfit since it was a semi-cold day in San Diego, and by cold I mean a bone-chilling 65 degrees! Yes, I do realize how bad that sounds.

This outfit was designed around the summer color palette, if you’re interested in what that is just check out my post titled “I’m a summer, more specifically a soft summer”.

The sweater is from Target, a nice light blue; the pinkish frilly shirt I picked up at Goodwill for a couple bucks, the scarf I actually made from an old large blue t-shirt just by cutting off the bottom about 6″ in. The skirt came from forever 21, the socks were from target many many years ago, and the cute gray flats from the show website JustFab!

These are all great colors for a summer season, so feel free to take this palette and use it for one of your own outfits!

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