What’s your Style Type?

Want to find out what style suits your body and unique personality?

Me too!
I recently learned about David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis, which was a book published in the 80’s about different style personas, but upon my Google inquiries I found some quizzes you can take that will help you determine which one, or combination of some, that best suites you.

Since I’ve found out about it, I have to admit I’ve been obsessed! I’ve taken a bunch of quizzes trying to figure out which one was the best and most helpful, ravaged through all the Pinterest posts for the different types to better analyze which one I fit into, and found an EXTREMELY detailed and helpful page!

First, here’s the link to the quiz that you can take!
kibbe style quiz

After figuring out which one you best resemble, I HIGHLY recommend this website to read about the physical attributes, personality, and best clothing features for your type!
Now, this doesn’t include pictures, but a quick Pinterest search will usually come up with images versions of the advice.
Here’s the explaining website: kibbe explained
Just scroll until you find which one you are 🙂

Hope this helps! Leave a comment for any questions or your results!


So far as I can tell, I’ve been classified as a Soft Dramatic! I honestly love all the types and think they’re all gorgeous, but that doesn’t always help when trying to pin-point which one I am! Luckily, there’s quizzes. 😉