Spring Cleaning Updates~

DYT Style Questionnaire Update!


I’m a Type 1!

Sooooooo I got to have a small chat with Carol Tuttle on her Facebook page, and I opened up to her about my frustration with not figuring out which type I am, thinking I have been each one at certain points in my DYT experience, and not seeing myself fully as one type more than … Continue reading I’m a Type 1!

My DYT Journey

Update time! So, I follow Carol Tuttle on Facebook and watch all of her live feeds whenever possible. If you've been reading my posts about my DYT experience, you know that I have gone through much confusion trying to see my true self. I have gone back and forth with every type, seeing little bits … Continue reading My DYT Journey


I was feeling as bright and colorful as the beautiful summer weather today. I'm attracted to color blocking so I tried to work that into my outfit. Add some beige platforms and viola, a cute chic summer outfit! These platforms I purchased on sale at Forever 21 about a month ago. The hot pink tanktop … Continue reading OOTD


I got this new London Fog white purse from Stein Mart (they have amazing deals on designer products!) and I have fallen in love! If purses could be soulmates, this is it. I struggled between which color to get--black, brown, white, or burgundy. It's important to consider your style, shoes, and outfits so that they … Continue reading OOTD