Spring Cleaning Updates~

Hello all!

I know I’ve been gone, but I’m back and figured it’s time for an update!

I’ve read through some comments and will be updating the Dressing your truth Style Questionnaire and adding more posts for you to look forward to!

Just in case you’re interested, my hiatus has been spent figuring out my future, what I want my life to look like, and where I’m headed. All will be shared in a post soon so keep your eyes peeled for that if you wanna know!

For those who’ve read, commented, liked, and followed, I love you all and am grateful for you! Please continue to read, comment, like, share, and follow! This blog is built for all sorts of discussions on seasonal color analysis, DYT, beauty, fashion, pugs, and all things pink and glittery!

I look forward to hearing more from you guys (please don’t take offense; I call everyone/everything “guys”)!

As always, thanks for reading!

-Alexzandra, CIC


I’m a Type 1!

Sooooooo I got to have a small chat with Carol Tuttle on her Facebook page, and I opened up to her about my frustration with not figuring out which type I am, thinking I have been each one at certain points in my DYT experience, and not seeing myself fully as one type more than another. Lo and behold, she responded!

She told me that what I was experiencing was typical for a type 1 woman, “jumping” from type to type as soon as we see something new in ourselves that makes us think, “well maybe I am this type because my eyes do this”, or “maybe I’m this type because I like to relax a lot and am lazy”. Whatever the excuse may be, I was doing exactly that! I had gotten so lost in going back and forth and seeing something new in myself that would make me change my mind.

I work in sales, so when I had days when I was more anti-social and not wanting to talk to anyone, I would think I’m definitely more introverted and that meant I was in no way a type 1 or 3 since they are deemed more “extroverted”. I would get stuck and try to look back at my facial features since I knew that was the most telling about which type I was, but I would focus on certain features instead of the overall expression. It seemed as if I needed a fresh perspective to see something I wasn’t!

So, I joined the Guess My Type Facebook group and posted a variety of pictures of me, smiling and not smiling. Most of the feedback I got were that people saw type 1 with a secondary 4, or a secondary 2. I was surprised, because I hadn’t even considered type 1 in my face. I saw lots of type 2, because that’s what I had programmed myself to see. I had been dressing as a type 2 for about a year, and never felt that it connected with me but thought that it was the closest to how I saw myself so there wasn’t another option!

Then, in my dismay, I talked to Carol. She pointed out how my facial features were beautifully expressing type 1 movement and how that was the most important factor in determining your type. I was amazed! But, as soon as it was pointed out to me, I saw it. I saw the circles and star points that I previously glanced over. It was as if the blinders were pulled off of my eyes! Then I remembered my childhood, and how I naturally expressed the type 1 “dreamer girl” and was attracted to type 1 colors and designs. I remembered how I would play dress up and change my character every day, one day a princess and the next a cowboy. I remembered all the backlash I received as a child about who I was, and how that caused me to bury parts of myself, beyond my own control. And I remembered how I wanted to be someone else, and how in 6th grade I made a point of deciding that I was going to be someone else, and ever since then, I’ve been living in my secondary energy and was blind to who I really was.

Revolutionary! I had continually compromised myself for others, to make them happy, and lost myself in the process. This has all helped me realize how important it is to stay true to yourself, and to love yourself despite what anyone else says.

So, long story short, I’m a type 1! And I couldn’t be more excited to dive into this possibility.



My first Type 1 purchase, round shiny gold earrings and a sunlight yellow dress with round designs, both from Forever 21! (I used to never wear gold, or yellow!)

Thanks for reading! Share with me your DYT experience!

~Alexzandra CIC

My DYT Journey

Update time!

So, I follow Carol Tuttle on Facebook and watch all of her live feeds whenever possible.

If you’ve been reading my posts about my DYT experience, you know that I have gone through much confusion trying to see my true self. I have gone back and forth with every type, seeing little bits of them all here and there and seeing something new in myself that would change my perspective.

It wasn’t really until last night when Carol posted a video “Speed Typing” some followers who submitted pictures of themselves that something clicked with me. Per usual, Carol set the scene by disclaiming that those who were struggling seeing their type could actually be struggling with a tendency to avoid uncomfortable emotions, not willing to take control of their lives out of fear, or simply afraid to commit to one type, which could result from many other issues.

Then she went on to type about 30 people, most of them ending up as type 1’s, and Carol explained that type 1’s have a tendency to change their minds about which type they can be because they see all of the types within themselves, and in regards to facial features, they can see multiple type features which leads to them changing their minds about which type they are!

4-Types-of-Carol1(via Google)

It was as if Carol was explaining my tendencies to myself, especially when she mentioned Marcy’s DYT experience as a Type 1 Beauty Expert. Even then, after all of this confirmation, I still waver and think, “Well maybe I’m a type 2 because my eyes do this…”, or “Maybe I’m a type 4 because I have really pale/porcelain skin…”. Whatever it may be, I seem to be expressing type 1 even in my tendency to not commit to being a type 1!

After watching this video and my eyes opening to this possibility, I see type 1 tendencies all around me! In my decor (bright and animated!), in my room (which is very messy!), in the colors I gravitate to (mostly pink and light blue!), my iPhone case which i decorated in light pink, blue, and purple gems with sparkly stars, my varying hobbies (painting, music, movies, jewelry, fashion, beauty, reading, etc.), my inability to choose a career because there are too many options I’d like to pursue, and of course, my undying love for pug dogs which seem pretty type 1 to me!

I hadn’t considered being a type 1 before because I struggle with anxiety, including social anxiety, which makes me feel like I can’t express myself to others and therefore not “social” or “life of the party”/”outgoing” enough. I’ve come to realize that I am that way on the inside once I let go of my fears, simply relax and be myself. When it comes to my secondary, who even knows! Possibly a 2, or 4, or even 3, although I don’t see myself as that high of energy!


So, if you’re a fan of DYT and aren’t following Carol on Facebook, I would highly recommend it because Carol provides lots of help and tips through her page. That’s coming from someone who’s read two of her books multiple times, watched her YouTube videos repeatedly, bought the DYT course and exhausted every other option possible!

Let me know what you think, and tell me about your journey with DYT!

Or maybe I’m a type…..

~Alexzandra, CIC


Dressing Your Truth

Hello readers!

I discovered Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle back in November. I have been HOOKED since then, trying to figure out my type and typing everyone else I know!

Carol's book Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile

Carol’s book Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile

The basic premise is this: there are four main components found in life on earth. These four are oxygen, water, hydrogen, and carbon. Everyone has all four of these elements in them, and each have their own energy associated with it. Oxygen has a light, airy energy, water has a soft, calming energy, hydrogen has a hot, dynamic energy, and carbon has a solid and still energy.

In turn, we all express these elements to some degree, but lead predominantly with one energy type.

So, if you lead with oxygen/air, you are a “Type 1” person: bright, light, and animated.

If you lead with water, you are a “Type 2” person: peaceful, calming, emotional.

If you lead with hydrogen/fire, you are a “Type 3” person: active, dynamic, reactive.

If you lead with carbon/earth, you are a “Type 4” person: bold, still, and deep.

When I first discovered this, I thought I was a type 4 because that seemed the closest to my personality, however, once I tried to dress in a type 4 manner, bold clear colors and makeup, I felt that it didn’t look very good on me.

I then tried to find which one I second-closely resemble, and am at a frustrating loss. I could see traces of types 1, 2, and 3 equally distributed. I’ve even asked friends and family, only to find more confusion since they feel that I’m a pretty equal mix of all of them.

So, where I’m at right now is thinking that I should go back with my first gut instinct and trust it. I’m dressing as type 4 and seeing how I feel and look. I’ve been feeling great, I think I just lack the confidence to see that the type 4 is the best look on me. How frustrating!

Below I’ve attached images of me as all the types, since I have tested them all at some point in my discovery! Let me know what you think!

Type 1

Type 1

Type 2

Type 2

Type 3

Type 3

Type 4

Type 4

Try it out yourself! Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profiling Course is here: https://my.liveyourtruth.com/freecourse/

Her YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CarolTuttleVideos

Carol Tuttle also has books on the subject which I highly recommend since the material is more in-depth and the rest are meant to be just “study tools”. Those can be purchased at amazon or through Carol’s website.

Watch the videos, sign up for the free course, and let me know what type you are!!

Thanks for reading~

Style Questionnaire–Dressing Your Truth

Trying to figure out your taste in clothing? Your style? Who you are?

Take this questionnaire! It’s based off Carol Tuttle’s energy profiling and Dressing Your Truth course! The idea is that there are four main types of women/men based on their energy that they express in daily life unawares. It is not something that changes, although you can alter it through negative self-talk, judgement, and shame. It’s how you naturally express yourself that simply cannot be tamed–it’s effortless!

Along with that comes the idea of your “Beauty sixth sense”, that you are naturally drawn to styles, design lines, textures, colors, and patterns that reflect your natural energy. The first part of this questionnaire is relying simply on this concept.

Pick one of the options from each question that you are most naturally drawn to. Try to not overthink it. Make sure to keep track of your answers!

Disclaimer: This is for fun! Energy-typing is an individual, intuitive process that cannot be accurately translated into a quiz or questionnaire.

1. Which of these styles would you wear? Most attracted to?

Disclaimer: Style preferences can be manipulated and altered. Most people are attracted to a variety of different styles and types. If this section does not line up with your physical features and body language section, trust the latter as it is more indicative of your type.

A. Image result for preppy bright looks


B. Type 2 Good Fortune Outfit:


C.  LuLaRoe Carly - styled 6 ways:


D. <3 DvT:


2. Which accessory would you wear? Which one feels like you?









3. Which shoes would you wear/ love to have?

A. Shoes of Prey Glitter Gold Flats:


B.  :


C. .:


D. Christian Louboutin So Kate Suede Pumps https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=506588980&pid=uid6400-33961420-65:


4. Which of these hairstyles do you love or want? (Short and long options per answer).

A.The Small Things Blog- this girl is brilliant, sweet, and accessible!! Great tips and styling tricks!Image result for dyt type 1 pixie hair

B. Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Course. Le plus foncé de ma chevelure, mes sourcils sont également de cette couleur. Dressing My Truth: What We Can Learn From Jessica Alba's Type 2 Hairstyles!

C. Awesome pixie cut for a Type 3! #DYT #Type3 #HairImage result for dyt type 3 hair

D. SeasonalColorAnalysis: Clear Spring - like 1/4 medium length hairstyles with bangs

5. Which of these purses do you love?

A.   Gossipi Schultertasche SWEET POLKA DOTS red: Amazon.de: Schuhe & Handtaschen:


B. Lederen clutch met handgreep riem, foldover, oversized zak tas:


C.  Brahmin 'Rhoda' Hobo | Nordstrom:


D. Saint Laurent Large Sac De Jour Leather Tote:



6. What is the shape of your face? 

Disclaimer: Most people are blended, showing at least two types in your features. Take a picture of yourself, put it where you can see it as you go through this section. Ask yourself, what is the primary overall movement? What shapes do I see? If your physical features don’t line up with the style choices you picked, always go by your physical features because they are the most accurate.

A. Round or heart-shaped face. Apple cheeks, round or wide-eyed, half-circle or star-pointed eyebrows, round or star-pointed nose tips, button-nose, ears poke out, gummy smile, animated features.

Image result for reese witherspoon

   Related image

B. Oval face shape, blended coloring, softened cheeks and downward-sloping features. Heavy-lidded eyes, softened nose bridge, tear-drop shaped nose, elongated half-oval eyebrows, S-curves throughout face.

Image result for jennifer aniston

 Related image

C. Triangular, inverted triangle, or angular face shape. Pointed, exaggerated jawlines, textured skin, eyes on a v-shaped angle, exotic eyes, eyebrows angular and move up in a swift motion. Lump-of-clay or “beak-like” nose, larger in appearance. V-shaped smile, asymmetrical, deep smile lines.

Image result for taylor swift

Image may contain: 1 person, text

D. Elongated oval or rectangular face shape, symmetrical, parallel features, porcelain skin with small pores, parallel and straight eyebrows, straight nose bridge, straight and linear smile, closed lip smile.

 Image result for anne hathaway

Image result for halle berry

7. Skin features:

A. Light freckling, round moles, random blotches, random shallow acne, redness.

B. Soft, blended skin tone, drapey skin, sensitive skin, heavy eyelids.

C. Irregular pigment, texture, lines, prone to deeper acne, sunspots.

D. Clear, reflective, small pores, porcelain, minimal lines or acne.

8. Body shape:

A. Rounded, “apple” body shape, tendency to gain weight in midsection, small cherub hands.

B. Soft, “pear” shape, tendency to gain weight around hips and thighs, teardrop shape, long tapered smooth hands.

C. Angular, “athletic” shape, tendency to gain weight in the upper chest region, strong muscular body type with substance, textured and rough hands.

D. Straight, “slender” or “hourglass” shape, tendency to gain weight evenly allover, parallel lines in body, straight smooth hands that are the same width through the fingers creating parallel lines.

Image result for body shapes

9. Body Language:

A. You bounce when you walk, buoyantly, “with a spring in your step”, you have a hard time sitting still, you like to sit crisscrossed. You use your hands and body when you talk, very animated and upward.

B. You walk smoothly, like water, and are very graceful in your stride. When sitting, you tend to drape yourself to get in the most comfortable position, very relaxed. Your don’t make many hand motions when you talk, but when you do, they are very soft and flow-ey.

C. You are a fast and brisk walker, with a loud foot plant. You sit loudly, creating angles by crossing your legs, folding your arms, bending your neck to the side. You use a more forceful push in your hand and body language when you talk.

D. You sit and stand the most still and quietly. You don’t like to make a lot of movement and you sit and stand in a very straight posture. You like to keep both feet on the floor, and you don’t use much body language when you communicate, but if you do, it is very straight and linear.

10. Your Voice:

A. High-pitched, bubbly, animated, youthful, rises up and down, giggly.

B. Soft, medium-pitched, quiet, mumbly, subdued.

C. Raspy, edgy, deeper-pitched, loud, sassy.

D. Clear, clean, deeper-pitched, even, smooth.

11. Are you often told:

A. “You’re such a light”, “You’re so fun”, “You’re a breath of fresh air”, or, “You’re such an airhead”, “You’re so fickle”, and “You always drop the ball”.

B. “You’re so sweet”, “You’re so calm”, “You are so thoughtful and detailed”, or, “You’re so slow”, “Make up your mind”, “You’re too emotional”.

C. “You’re so active”, “You’re such a go-getter”, “You are so fast”, or “You’re too stubborn”, “You’re so sassy”, “Stop being so loud”.

D. “You are so still”, “You are so logical”, “You’re so mature”, or, “You’re too judgmental”, “Don’t be so serious”, “lighten up”.

Now, add up however many of each letter. See which one you lead with. The second highest is most likely your secondary. Make sure you were honest with yourself, who you are, and not who you want/perceive yourself to be.

Mostly A’s: you’re a type 1! You are light, fresh, bubbly, youthful, and love fun!!

Mostly B’s: you’re a type 2! You are calm, soft, subdued, peaceful, emotional, and love connecting people and details.

Mostly C’s: you’re a type 3! You are active, reactive, dynamic, down-to-earth, and love challenges and getting tasks done!

Mostly D’s: you’re a type 4! You are still, clear, reflective, logical, loyal, and very precise. You love order and structure.

To learn more, check out Carol Tuttle’s website: https://my.liveyourtruth.com/dyt/energy-profiling/chapter1/

Her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CarolTuttleVideos

and her general site: https://my.liveyourtruth.com/dyt/home/