What’s Your Undertone?

When it comes to makeup and clothes, it’s very important to understand color. If you want to look your best, you’ll want to make sure you’re picking the right colors to compliment your coloring.

And just how do you do that, you might ask?

Well, I went on a mission through various websites, books, and videos so you don’t have to! Take this easy and quick quiz below!

When it comes to undertones, the common idea out there is that there are three different ones: cool, warm, and neutral. Personally, I think of undertones as a scale, one end being warm and the other cool, with neutral in the middle. Even then, I notice that neutral people either learn more toward one side than another.

Without further adieu, here’s how to find out which one you lean towards!


1. Look at your veins in natural light. Are the more blue or more green? Use blue and green color swatches or items to help you if you’re struggling.

a. More blue

b. More green

c. A mix of both, in between



2. What happens to your skin in the sun?

a. I burn fast

b. I tan fast

c. A mix of both


For the next few ones, try and get other people’s opinions on them, because you can be used to wearing a certain one and might not be able to see if it’s actually flattering or not.


3. What type of jewelry looks better on you? Hold them up to your chest or wrist. (compliments your natural coloring, makes your skin glow).

a. Silver

b. Gold

c. Both look just as good.



Never mind my old yet incredibly comfortable slippers…

4. What color looks best on you? Which do you naturally gravitate toward for most of your life?

a. Cool Pink

b. Orange

c. Both look nice.



5. My favorite one! If you’re a makeup addict like me, you will have warm and cool-toned makeup lying around. On one side of your face, apply a cool eye shadow (cool purple, cool grey, cool pink, cool blue, silver), a cool blush (berry, cool pink, rose), and a cool lipstick to half of your lip (purples, berries, cool pinks, rose). On the other half of your face, apply warm-toned eye shadow (olive green, brown, brick, orange, gold), warm blush (peach, terracotta, bronze, melon, orange coral), and a warm lipstick (terracotta, brick red, peach, coral). Compare the two sides and see which makes your skin look clearer, your eyes brighter, and looks like the color is emanating from within.

a. The cool side for sure!

b. The warm side for sure!

c. They both look equally good!

Below is my example, cool on the left and warm on the right (I didn’t blend it very well, just enough to get the color on and make it obvious).


Which do you think is better on me? Which side smooths my skin and looks the most natural? (Note, I was using very warm lighting–not natural at all but you should DEFINITELY use natural lighting for accurate results!)



Mostly A’s? You’re a cool tone! You look best in cool colors like green, blue, purple, pink, and grey. Silver compliments your skin perfectly. You should avoid warm tones like yellow, orange, brown, and gold.


Mostly B’s? You’re a warm tone! You look best in warm colors like orange, yellow, peach, coral, olive green, and brown. For jewelry, gold suits you best. You should avoid cool tones, like blue, purple, pink, grey, and green.

warmcool (1)

Mostly C’s? You’re a neutral! You look equally good in both cool and warm tones, so you can pretty much wear either. If you notice that you picked maybe one warm or cool option (a or b) instead of a neutral (c), then perhaps you favor or lean to that one more than the other. For example, mostly c’s but one or two b’s, you’d be a neutral that favors warm tones. For mostly c’s and one or two a’s, you’re a neutral that favors cool tones.


There you have it! Let me know what your results were and if you have any questions!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

~Alexzandra, CIC


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