I’m a Type 1!

Sooooooo I got to have a small chat with Carol Tuttle on her Facebook page, and I opened up to her about my frustration with not figuring out which type I am, thinking I have been each one at certain points in my DYT experience, and not seeing myself fully as one type more than another. Lo and behold, she responded!

She told me that what I was experiencing was typical for a type 1 woman, “jumping” from type to type as soon as we see something new in ourselves that makes us think, “well maybe I am this type because my eyes do this”, or “maybe I’m this type because I like to relax a lot and am lazy”. Whatever the excuse may be, I was doing exactly that! I had gotten so lost in going back and forth and seeing something new in myself that would make me change my mind.

I work in sales, so when I had days when I was more anti-social and not wanting to talk to anyone, I would think I’m definitely more introverted and that meant I was in no way a type 1 or 3 since they are deemed more “extroverted”. I would get stuck and try to look back at my facial features since I knew that was the most telling about which type I was, but I would focus on certain features instead of the overall expression. It seemed as if I needed a fresh perspective to see something I wasn’t!

So, I joined the Guess My Type Facebook group and posted a variety of pictures of me, smiling and not smiling. Most of the feedback I got were that people saw type 1 with a secondary 4, or a secondary 2. I was surprised, because I hadn’t even considered type 1 in my face. I saw lots of type 2, because that’s what I had programmed myself to see. I had been dressing as a type 2 for about a year, and never felt that it connected with me but thought that it was the closest to how I saw myself so there wasn’t another option!

Then, in my dismay, I talked to Carol. She pointed out how my facial features were beautifully expressing type 1 movement and how that was the most important factor in determining your type. I was amazed! But, as soon as it was pointed out to me, I saw it. I saw the circles and star points that I previously glanced over. It was as if the blinders were pulled off of my eyes! Then I remembered my childhood, and how I naturally expressed the type 1 “dreamer girl” and was attracted to type 1 colors and designs. I remembered how I would play dress up and change my character every day, one day a princess and the next a cowboy. I remembered all the backlash I received as a child about who I was, and how that caused me to bury parts of myself, beyond my own control. And I remembered how I wanted to be someone else, and how in 6th grade I made a point of deciding that I was going to be someone else, and ever since then, I’ve been living in my secondary energy and was blind to who I really was.

Revolutionary! I had continually compromised myself for others, to make them happy, and lost myself in the process. This has all helped me realize how important it is to stay true to yourself, and to love yourself despite what anyone else says.

So, long story short, I’m a type 1! And I couldn’t be more excited to dive into this possibility.



My first Type 1 purchase, round shiny gold earrings and a sunlight yellow dress with round designs, both from Forever 21! (I used to never wear gold, or yellow!)

Thanks for reading! Share with me your DYT experience!

~Alexzandra CIC


New ‘Do, New You!

I’m in the market for a new haircut and style, and I’ve been in a rut for a while now. I have what is considered to be a round, soft face which adds difficulty to the situation. It seems that very few haircuts actually flatter a round face! And I’m not talking about Ginnifer Goodwin round, that seems roundly shaped with tight skin and pixie features, I’m talking drapey skin, fuller cheeks, bigger nose, tiny hooded eyes, slightly textured skin round face. Believe me, I would love it if I had pixie features, but that just doesn’t exist on my face!

Through all of my research, I came across pictures of various hairstyles, from pixies to “lobs” to super long hair. I have medium length hair right now, and it bores me to pieces. I had a pixie and I loved it, although I received tons of negative feedback saying that it wasn’t right for my face. I’ve also had long hair down to my butt, and I did get lots of compliments with it, but the same bore factor bothered me about it. I want something edgier that also compliments my facial features!

“They” recommend adding vertical height to minimize a round face, long straight hair to blanket the cheeks, side-swept bangs, and de-emphasizing the sides of the face by avoiding haircuts that end at the jawline, meaning no rounded one-length bobs.

Some of the recommended hairstyles:

I decided to go through old pictures of me since I’ve pretty much tried every hairstyle in the book, to see what really worked for me and what didn’t. To help compare, I created a collage of pictures to show the wide range of lengths and bang styles I’ve tried. Something I noticed from this was that medium length hair accentuates my roundness and doesn’t flatter me as well as either really long or really short hair does!


The various stages of Alexzandra~

I love the super long, and I love the super short. Right now, I’m in the middle, so the question is, should I go super short, or super long?

Which do you prefer with my face shape? What’s your favorite in the collage? Please let me know, as I appreciate any and every feedback!

Help a girl out of a rut, would ya?

Keep in mind, the one of me with long hair on here also has the straight blunt bang, which is also “not good” for my face shape.

As always, thanks for reading!

~Alexzandra, CIC