Seasonal Color Analysis Update

Hello Readers!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I deeply apologize! Life since graduating college has been intense to say the least. I now work two jobs and am a Certified Image Consultant, which I’m very proud of!

I also got analyzed by Lora Alexander at Pretty Your World–website here. She’s creating the new ColorBreeze System, using 22 different seasonal categories you can be assessed as. These are: clear winter, cool winter, deep winter, toasted soft winter, smokey soft winter, clear spring, light spring, warm spring, sunlit soft spring, dusty soft spring, cool summer, light summer, sunlit soft summer, dusty soft summer, toasted soft summer, smokey soft summer, warm autumn, deep autumn, dusty soft autumn, toasted soft autumn, sunlit soft autumn, smokey soft autumn.

They all can go back to the Munsell color system, and if you’d like a better explanation, please go visit her site! She can explain it much better than myself. I chose to be analyzed by Lora and her new ColorBreeze System to see where I’d fit in a more updated seasonal color analysis system and I greatly respect her work.

I sent her as many well-lit photos from a professional camera as I could, wearing various colors and also including one of how I wear my makeup. After a couple of days and much anticipation, I was analyzed as a Dusty Soft Summer in her ColorBreeze System!

Now, before I had some idea that I was probably a summer season, but it never felt entirely correct. I wore a lot of cool summer colors but felt that it didn’t connect with me. I ended up feeling more confused and possibly more neutral than cool, as I had thought.

A Dusty Soft Summer in Lora Alexander’s ColorBreeze System is slightly more cool than warm, medium-light in value, and muted in clarity, although the dominant characteristic is softness. Lora gave me a mini-booklet to describe my season, including hair, makeup, and styling tips as well as my color palette! It was all very wonderful. She also included a picture of me from a virtual makeover she’d done to show me what makeup looks good.

Alexzandra - Dusty Soft Summer


As always, let me know what you think!

~Alexzandra, CIC


8 thoughts on “Seasonal Color Analysis Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think there is something not quite right here… You are not enough soft to be SSu, for example your eyes are striking clear (in right colors). I don’t see the influence of autumn either. You look very good in the last picture (cool hair wearing black) here: How about Cool Summer then, the most clearest of all summers with winter influence?

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    • alexzandrawl says:

      Thank you for your comment! That was something that interested me also, since I always considered my eyes to be more clear than soft! I do notice a bit of warmth in my hair though, slight reddish blonde tones that are totally natural but I feel don’t connect. Cool summer is still definitely an option!

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  2. i says:

    I also think that something is not quite right here. You do not look like yourself at all in the virtual makeover. The Type I photos are waaaaay better.


    • alexzandrawl says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      I have to agree, it just doesn’t seem to resonate with me quite as well!
      Have you gone through DYT or seasonal color analysis? Let me know your about experience!



  3. Rebekah W says:

    I don’t think you are soft at all! You’re very clear to me, even the drape you’ve got around you is startlingly clear. You’re hair is shiny, you’re eyes are electric,
    I think the colours you’re wearing look beautiful, and the makeup certainly does alot for your eyes and hair. If that is what I’m basing it on, I’d say Pretty Your World has it spot on.


    • alexzandrawl says:

      I always thought I was clear too, since the bright colors looked good on me, as long as they weren’t too bright or I’d appear washed out! However, My eyes have gotten significantly more grey the older I’ve gotten.


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