I was feeling as bright and colorful as the beautiful summer weather today. I’m attracted to color blocking so I tried to work that into my outfit. Add some beige platforms and viola, a cute chic summer outfit!

These platforms I purchased on sale at Forever 21 about a month ago. The hot pink tanktop was actually a skintight dress that ended up being too short for my long legs, so I cut it into a top. The green skirt I got about a year ago, also at Forever 21. I added some gold necklaces to match the summer sun and add a nice metallic shine.

I love this silhouette photograph, but you can also still see the outfit!

I love this silhouette photograph, but you can also see the outfit!

Close up.

Close up.

If you have some bold colors, try putting them together in a mix-and-match ensemble. It’s a perfect trend for the summer! I like simple silhouettes with striking colors but work with what looks good on your body type. Before writing this post, I got lots of compliments on this outfit, and I want you readers to know it’s super simple and something anyone could put together!

So go out there and enjoy the summer sun in those bright clothes!


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