Rainy OOTD

Hardly ever does it rain here in sunny San Diego, but today’s weather is a nice change of pace! That means I get to wear my biker leather jacket, warm tights, and clear rainy boots!

I’m absolutely in love with these boots. My parents got them for me while visiting London and I wear them whenever I get the chance. I can wear them with fun socks that I want to be seen, not hidden. Today it’s golden kittens on black socks.

I also love carrying fun umbrellas whenever the weather permits! I grabbed my baby pink one which matches the pink flowers in my dress and brings them out more. 

Pairing flirty floral dresses with leather jackets is such a fun juxtaposition and  creates an element of femininity and edginess—which I’m all about! Plus, there’s no reason to put away those beautiful summer dresses in the cold weather! Simply combine them with tights, sweaters, jackets, scarves, and boots to add some warmth and still look cute.

Enjoy the rain~UmbrellaStorm cloud


FullSizeRender (3)

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