Hey there!

Things you will notice about my outfits: I love jeans, wear them all the time. I like a casual look whenever I can!

I decided to go for a semi-nice casual look, with good fitting jeans from American Eagle, which are quite long on my legs if I don’t wear heels with them, so I added clog heels that were a hand-me-down from my mom (yes, we’re both a size 9–and it’s amazing!). For tops, I just picked out a simple white tank from Goodwill with a cute dark navy blue knitted vest to go on top (from Foreign Exchange).

Being a pear body shape (my bust 32″ waist a 25″ and my hips 37″) according to my body measurements, this outfit compliments my curves! That’s always a plus!

I highly recommend learning what body type you have; there are plenty of resources and quizzes out there online that can tell you how to measure yourself AND give you great tips, such as clothing, makeup, personality, and hairstyles.
If you need help leave a comment and I can direct you where to go!

Thanks for reading, have a great casual day!



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