I’m a Summer, more specifically, Soft Summer!

Otherwise known as SSu, or soft summer, or summer-autumn.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about Seasonal Color Analysis! You can be one of four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn, and within each season there are subcategories.

For Winter, you have cool undertones, meaning you have blue/pink undertones and look good in silver! Winters tend to have either dark or bright eyes and are predominantly COOL and DARK. Winters can wear black, pure white, and bright fire engine red. You can be either Cool winter, Clear winter, or Dark winter.

For Summer, you are COOL and LIGHT. You have pink/blue undertones, look good in silver, but can’t wear colors as bright and contrasting as winters. You have a softness to your colors, look great in blues, pinks, and greys. You can either be Light summer, Cool summer, or Soft summer.

For Spring, you are WARM and LIGHT. You have warm undertones, yellow or peachy, and can wear gold jewelry. You look great in camel, peach, light lime green, and light browns. You can either be Light Spring, Warm spring, or Bright spring.

For Autumn, you are WARM and DARK. You tend to have red and golden tones on your dark hair, look good in gold, and have orange or yellow undertones. You look great in brick orange, mustard yellows, dark browns, and dark moss greens. You can be either Dark Autumn, Warm Autumn, or Soft Autumn.

Here’s a website that is great for explaining in detail to help you find out which season you fit under! I’ve spent so many hours obsessing over this so if you need any help feel free to comment to me!


I also have Pinterest boards for cool summer, soft summer, bright/clear winter, bright/clear spring.

Anywho, I’m what’s classified as a Soft Summer, meaning I’m a summer who flows into Autumn so I’m predominantly cool with a slight warm influence.

Here’s a picture of me in winter colors, I tried to be a winter for so long! They’re just to bright and beautiful and just stunning!

photo (3)

So, do you see how the black, white, and bright red lips just make me disappear in the back?

Ya, I had green and purple mixed hair at this point. Awesome.

photo (2)

I’m on the left, my mom on the right. Winter black makes me look pale, and as much as I love my pale white skin, I don’t want to look dead!

I even went to the other side of the spectrum, thinking maybe I was warm toned since I have a bit of yellow in my eyes near the pupil and freckles everywhere. So, I experimented with spring for a while, and boy did it clash!

photo (4)


photo (5)

(I had longer hair way back when, so much more freeing cutting it all off!) I wore these earrings that are gold and peach because they were a gift, but it just…doesn’t fit.

So, I was lost in all the mumbo-jumbo of seasonal color analysis, and I finally resorted to being analyzed. Here’s the link to see the post! (I’ve also included this analysis as a separate post).


Her name is Tamara, super nice and helpful with the analysis. I just had to answer some interview questions and provide pictures of me in a variety of colors so she could properly analyze me. Now, she only classifies based off of the 4-season selection, and doesn’t dive into the other subdivisions within each season.

In the end, she decided I was a summer! I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling! Just to finally have it narrowed down felt so good and I couldn’t wait to start building my wardrobe around my colors.

So here I am, dressed in Soft Summer!

photo (7)


Feel free to leave a comment, tell me what you think, do you know what you’re season is??


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