Hey there!

Things you will notice about my outfits: I love jeans, wear them all the time. I like a casual look whenever I can!

I decided to go for a semi-nice casual look, with good fitting jeans from American Eagle, which are quite long on my legs if I don’t wear heels with them, so I added clog heels that were a hand-me-down from my mom (yes, we’re both a size 9–and it’s amazing!). For tops, I just picked out a simple white tank from Goodwill with a cute dark navy blue knitted vest to go on top (from Foreign Exchange).

Being a pear body shape (my bust 32″ waist a 25″ and my hips 37″) according to my body measurements, this outfit compliments my curves! That’s always a plus!

I highly recommend learning what body type you have; there are plenty of resources and quizzes out there online that can tell you how to measure yourself AND give you great tips, such as clothing, makeup, personality, and hairstyles.
If you need help leave a comment and I can direct you where to go!

Thanks for reading, have a great casual day!



The Bridge

I want to share this beautiful poem with you that I have cherished for many years. I hope you love it too.

The Bridge

I stood on the bridge at midnight,
As the clocks were striking the hour,
And the moon rose o’er the city,
Behind the dark church-tower.

I saw her bright reflection
In the waters under me,
Like a golden goblet falling
And sinking into the sea.

And far in the hazy distance
Of that lovely night in June,
The blaze of the flaming furnace
Gleamed redder than the moon.

Among the long, black rafters
The wavering shadows lay,
And the current that came from the ocean
Seemed to lift and bear them away;

As, sweeping and eddying through them,
Rose the belated tide,
And, streaming into the moonlight,
The seaweed floated wide.

And like those waters rushing
Among the wooden piers,
A flood of thoughts came o’er me
That filled my eyes with tears.

How often, O, how often,
In the days that had gone by,
I had stood on that bridge at midnight
And gazed on that wave and sky!

How often, O, how often,
I had wished that the ebbing tide
Would bear me away on its bosom
O’er the ocean wild and wide!

For my heart was hot and restless,
And my life was full of care,
And the burden laid upon me
Seemed greater than I could bear.

But now it has fallen from me,
It is buried in the sea;
And only the sorrow of others
Throws its shadow over me.

Yet whenever I cross the river
On its bridge with wooden piers,
Like the odor of brine from the ocean
Comes the thought of other years.

And I think how many thousands
Of care-encumbered men,
Each bearing his burden of sorrow,
Have crossed the bridge since then.

I see the long procession
Still passing to and fro,
The young heart hot and restless,
And the old subdued and slow!

And forever and forever,
As long as the river flows,
As long as the heart has passions,
As long as life has woes;

The moon and its broken reflection
And its shadows shall appear,
As the symbol of love in heaven,
And its wavering image here.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Pug shoes!

I was browsing the Mod Cloth sale section on their website when I saw these absolutely adorable shoes!!


(Here’s the website they’re under: modcloth)

I think I may actually make these shoes, if I do I’ll post about it to keep you updated!

Do you love pugs too?? ❤ Let me know what you think!

What’s your Style Type?

Want to find out what style suits your body and unique personality?

Me too!
I recently learned about David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis, which was a book published in the 80’s about different style personas, but upon my Google inquiries I found some quizzes you can take that will help you determine which one, or combination of some, that best suites you.

Since I’ve found out about it, I have to admit I’ve been obsessed! I’ve taken a bunch of quizzes trying to figure out which one was the best and most helpful, ravaged through all the Pinterest posts for the different types to better analyze which one I fit into, and found an EXTREMELY detailed and helpful page!

First, here’s the link to the quiz that you can take!
kibbe style quiz

After figuring out which one you best resemble, I HIGHLY recommend this website to read about the physical attributes, personality, and best clothing features for your type!
Now, this doesn’t include pictures, but a quick Pinterest search will usually come up with images versions of the advice.
Here’s the explaining website: kibbe explained
Just scroll until you find which one you are 🙂

Hope this helps! Leave a comment for any questions or your results!


So far as I can tell, I’ve been classified as a Soft Dramatic! I honestly love all the types and think they’re all gorgeous, but that doesn’t always help when trying to pin-point which one I am! Luckily, there’s quizzes. 😉


Hey there!

Here’s what I wore, following some inspiration from Forever 21’s website. Whenever I get stuck on what to wear, I turn to Pinterest, free people, anthro, and forever 21 websites to find what to put together and it usually always works! It’s super beneficial to find a style inspiration to follow, that way you can learn how to mix and match some pieces you may already own in interesting combinations that probably never would’ve crossed your mind without it. Helpful tips!

Anyway, I picked this gray dress from forever 21, this green plaid from target, my gray stockings from target many years ago (I absolutely love these, goes with everything!), and white converse high tops. This has a very skater-chic street casual feel to it, being that it is a skater dress. The plaid with converse adds a casual grunge look.


The colors of course are picked from the summer seasonal color analysis palette since I’m a summer!

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Have a casual chic day 😉


Hello all! It’s starting to feel like autumn now, and I can finally start wearing boots and scarves!

I didn’t wear boots with this one, although it would be a great substitute. I wore a long light gray sweater that was once my mom’s, a gray dress from target (can you tell I shop there a lot?), a green and white chevron scarf from a boutique in Encinitas, and brown leather shoes from Old Navy.

Cozy and cute!


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Have a great day!

Outfit of the day (OOTD)


Okay, so I know it’s a bit blurry, sorry ’bout that!

I put together this outfit since it was a semi-cold day in San Diego, and by cold I mean a bone-chilling 65 degrees! Yes, I do realize how bad that sounds.

This outfit was designed around the summer color palette, if you’re interested in what that is just check out my post titled “I’m a summer, more specifically a soft summer”.

The sweater is from Target, a nice light blue; the pinkish frilly shirt I picked up at Goodwill for a couple bucks, the scarf I actually made from an old large blue t-shirt just by cutting off the bottom about 6″ in. The skirt came from forever 21, the socks were from target many many years ago, and the cute gray flats from the show website JustFab!

These are all great colors for a summer season, so feel free to take this palette and use it for one of your own outfits!

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I’m a Summer, more specifically, Soft Summer!

Otherwise known as SSu, or soft summer, or summer-autumn.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about Seasonal Color Analysis! You can be one of four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn, and within each season there are subcategories.

For Winter, you have cool undertones, meaning you have blue/pink undertones and look good in silver! Winters tend to have either dark or bright eyes and are predominantly COOL and DARK. Winters can wear black, pure white, and bright fire engine red. You can be either Cool winter, Clear winter, or Dark winter.

For Summer, you are COOL and LIGHT. You have pink/blue undertones, look good in silver, but can’t wear colors as bright and contrasting as winters. You have a softness to your colors, look great in blues, pinks, and greys. You can either be Light summer, Cool summer, or Soft summer.

For Spring, you are WARM and LIGHT. You have warm undertones, yellow or peachy, and can wear gold jewelry. You look great in camel, peach, light lime green, and light browns. You can either be Light Spring, Warm spring, or Bright spring.

For Autumn, you are WARM and DARK. You tend to have red and golden tones on your dark hair, look good in gold, and have orange or yellow undertones. You look great in brick orange, mustard yellows, dark browns, and dark moss greens. You can be either Dark Autumn, Warm Autumn, or Soft Autumn.

Here’s a website that is great for explaining in detail to help you find out which season you fit under! I’ve spent so many hours obsessing over this so if you need any help feel free to comment to me!


I also have Pinterest boards for cool summer, soft summer, bright/clear winter, bright/clear spring.

Anywho, I’m what’s classified as a Soft Summer, meaning I’m a summer who flows into Autumn so I’m predominantly cool with a slight warm influence.

Here’s a picture of me in winter colors, I tried to be a winter for so long! They’re just to bright and beautiful and just stunning!

photo (3)

So, do you see how the black, white, and bright red lips just make me disappear in the back?

Ya, I had green and purple mixed hair at this point. Awesome.

photo (2)

I’m on the left, my mom on the right. Winter black makes me look pale, and as much as I love my pale white skin, I don’t want to look dead!

I even went to the other side of the spectrum, thinking maybe I was warm toned since I have a bit of yellow in my eyes near the pupil and freckles everywhere. So, I experimented with spring for a while, and boy did it clash!

photo (4)


photo (5)

(I had longer hair way back when, so much more freeing cutting it all off!) I wore these earrings that are gold and peach because they were a gift, but it just…doesn’t fit.

So, I was lost in all the mumbo-jumbo of seasonal color analysis, and I finally resorted to being analyzed. Here’s the link to see the post! (I’ve also included this analysis as a separate post).


Her name is Tamara, super nice and helpful with the analysis. I just had to answer some interview questions and provide pictures of me in a variety of colors so she could properly analyze me. Now, she only classifies based off of the 4-season selection, and doesn’t dive into the other subdivisions within each season.

In the end, she decided I was a summer! I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling! Just to finally have it narrowed down felt so good and I couldn’t wait to start building my wardrobe around my colors.

So here I am, dressed in Soft Summer!

photo (7)


Feel free to leave a comment, tell me what you think, do you know what you’re season is??


Glowing Color Analysis–I’ve been analyzed!

Glowing Color

Today, Glowing Color features Ali.

About Ali: “My name is Ali, I’m 21 years old, a college student living in San Diego. I discovered color analysis at the beginning of high school and have been struggling ever since trying I discover what season I am. I’ve jumped around all of them, never being able to come to a complete answer. I’ve dyed my hair since I was in middle school, so that may have lead to a lot of confusion for me. I started out super pale blonde as a child, which darkened to a medium brown and eventually dark brown with a red tinge to it. My hair has been every color of the rainbow, blonde and orange-red being the worst on me! I love fashion and books, candles and pug dogs. Follow me on Pinterest @Alexzandra Lansing!”

Ali’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? 


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